Panopedia Token (Symbol: PANO)

Rewarding Authors with High Quality and Popular Panotours

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The Panopedia Token (PANO)

Created as a rewards cryptocurrency, soon you will be able to mine PANO tokens by generating views on your Panotours. Each view you get on your Panotour will reward you with PANO tokens, with no limits on how much you can earn. All users of Panopedia can earn, it does not matter whether you are on a free account or paid subscription.

Minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) with a low finite total supply, you can trade it, hold it, or use it to unlock premium features in Panopedia. Additionally, we are currently in talks with marketing and advertising vendors so in the future you can use your PANO tokens to boost visibility of your Panotours!

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What benefits will PANO have?

Powering the Panopedia ecosystem, not just trading or selling it, you can use it for these benefits and more in the future.


Using the PANO token, you will be able to exchange for new premium features in the future that are exclusive to premium subscription tiers.


Panotours generate rewards for you, exchange these rewards to create more Panotours, and in turn, generate even more rewards!


Boost the visibility to your beautiful Panotours by advertising it! PANO tokens can also be used to exchange for marketing credits.

Mining Cryptocurrency with 360? Let's see how it's done.

1. Create Panotour

Start uploading to build your 360 Panotour with our easy to use builder, and you are well on your way. By signing up for a free account with Panopedia, you can create up to 3 Panotours with 3 Scenes each.

Paid subscriptions are only required if you need to create more Panotours, or to unlock various premium features such as FloorPlans and Showcase.

2. Publish & Share

The moment you uploaded your 360 photos, the Panotour is automatically published. Add interactive features such as a Call-to-Action, informational hotspots, and more!

Share your Panotour links with your friends and family easily using the social share icons available on each Panotour, or you can embed it anywhere you like. Popular places to embed your Panotours can be on your own website, or listings portals if you are a real estate professional.

3. Generate Views

Encourage your friends and family to share your Panotours everywhere from social media to chat groups to get as much views as possible. Highly interactive Panotours are a vastly popular way of viewing spaces.

Earning the PANO Cryptocurrency is calculated based on views generated on the web, with highly accurate data fed directly from Google Analytics. Remember, the more views your Panotours get, the more PANO tokens you will earn!

4. Earn PANO

For every view generated, you will earn 10 PANO tokens, with absolutely no limits on how much you can collect. It does not matter whether you are on a free account or a paid subscription, as long as your Panotours are viewed, you will earn!

Views data are calculated at least once a day, and once the calculation is complete, the tokens will be issued to your wallet in your Panopedia account. You can choose to withdraw these tokens to a compatible wallet, sell them, or even use them to exchange for unlockable benefits in Panopedia.

Need info on the tokenomics? Let's get technical.

Network Explorer Download Whitepaper
Token Name: Panopedia
Ticker/Symbol: PANO
Total Available Supply: 50 Billion Tokens
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Contract Owner: Clover & Dime Pte Ltd
Wallet Administrator: Clover & Dime Pte Ltd
Smart Contract
Mineable: Yes  
Mintable: No Total supply is fixed, no more can be created.
Burnable: Yes Can be sent to the 0 address, reducing supply.
Fees: 0% No PANO fees for transfers between wallets.


Group Amount Lockup
Private Sale: 500,000,000 (1%) 6 Months
Public Sale: 9,500,000,000 (19%) -
Mining Rewards: 10,000,000,000 (20%) -
Product Development: 15,000,000,000 (30%) -
Marketing: 7,500,000,000 (15%) -
Advisors: 2,500,000,000 (5%) 12 Months
Legal: 2,500,000,000 (5%) -
Team: 2,500,000,000 (5%) 12 Months

So what about mining?

Let's get into some details here.


For every view generated and verified by Google Analytics, authors will be paid 10 PANO tokens to be credited into their Panopedia Account.

Rewards Calculation

Calculation of PANO tokens will be done at least once a day, depending on server and network congestion.

Rewards Halving

Mining rewards will be halved at every 50% depletion of rewards pool. For example, when the balance of the rewards pool is reduced to 5 Billion from the original amount of 10 Billion, the rewards paid out will be reduced to 500 PANO tokens.


Tokens are held in escrow by Panopedia until a withdrawal request to a BEP20 Compatible wallet of their choice is made. Withdrawals are submitted to the blockchain immediately, but the time taken for the balance to show up in their wallet is subjected to BEP20 blockchain congestion.


Due to BEP20 blockchain transaction fees beyond our control, there will be a 1% withdrawal fee for every withdrawal request. Beyond this withdrawal fee and blockchain transaction fees, there will be no additional transaction fees on transfers of PANO tokens.

What's next on our roadmap?

We will be having an exclusive private sale of PANO Tokens for registered users of Panopedia only. Rewarding our loyal supporters before our token goes to Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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24th Aug, 2016

Launch of

Version 1.0.0 of Panopedia is launched.

5th Jan, 2017

Release of
Version 2.x

Version 2.0.0 of Panopedia was released, with various upgrades over version 1.x. Promo codes, UI/UX improvements to the Panotour builder was made.

25th Sep, 2017

Release of
Version 3.x

With this major release, integration with Midtrans, a payment gateway based in Indonesia was made along with various improvements in system efficiency.

18th Nov, 2018

Release of
Version 4.x

The SHOWCASE web builder was released with this update, in Beta stage. SHOWCASE allows real estate agents to display their listings in a real estate portal format.

26th Jul, 2019

New Panotour
Javascript Library

With release of version 5.x, the javascript library for our Panotour builder was rewritten, allowing for smoother user experiences to view as well as build.

28th Mar, 2020


The entire software architecture was upgraded in version 5.2.x, with code standards implemented across the entire system.

16th Jun, 2020

Launch of

For version 5.5.x, the FloorPlans feature was launched, allowing users to integrate a floorplan with their Panotour.

Jan, 2021

PANO Token
Rewards System

The PANO token cryptocurrency was conceptualised and major upgrades to the software architecture begins.

3rd Dec, 2022

Deployment of
PANO Token

The PANO Token is minted and deployed on Binance Smart Chain.

Mar, 2022

Private Sale

An exclusive sale period of PANO open to registered users on the Panopedia Platform.

More Info

May, 2022


The PANO Token will be released into public circulation on Cryptocurrency exchanges followed by Swaps.

Aug, 2022


Launch of Mining Rewards for Panotour authors.

Dec, 2022


A highly interactive version of our Panotours still currently in development.

Mar, 2023


A new product that presents Panotours in a way that it will seem like an interactive video slideshow, all in 360.

Q2, 2024

Global Real Estate
Listings Portal

Development of Real Estate portal with searchable listings worldwide.

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