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Using Insta360 with Panopedia

Insta360 is a manufacturer of excellent 360 photos. However, instead of using the widely accepted and common JPG type files, Insta360 developed their own proprietary file format called INSP. This may seem like a problem when using their photos with any platforms including Panopedia, Thankfully they have also released their own Insta360 Studio that helps to convert these to JPG formats.To get started, head on over to, under the list of cameras, choose your model to download and install Insta360 Studio 2020.Step 1After you are done installing Insta360 Studio, open it. On the left column, you can see Drag&drop Footage here. You may drag and drop from your folder, or click on it to select the Insta360 files.Step 2Once you have dropped the files within, you will be able to see them in the column. Press Shift and click on them to select all of them. When they are all selected, you will be able to see a yellow border around each one. Click on File(F) on the top menu, and click on Export(B).Step 3A dialog will appear, under File Name, make sure it ends with .jpg. Once all of these is confirmed, just click on OK.Step 4The export process will run, and once it’s all done, you may proceed to create your 360 Panotour on Panopedia.

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Hiding your Monopod in 360

Panopedia offers unrestricted and complete 360 views of the properties you wish to show. 360 cameras are excellent for this purpose, but as it is never truly "floating" in the air, the monopod or tripod will always be inevitably captured in the scene. With these two simple tools, we can show you how to hide your monopod/tripod in the scene.PhotoScape X (Free for download on Mac OS app store and Windows Store)https://www.nadirpatch.comTo start off, you would need to produce a circular image that will cover your tripod in the 360 photo. For this example, we will use Panopedia’s logo. We recommend the following settings for the circular image:Height/Width: 640 pixelsResolution: 30 DPIImage background: transparentFile type: PNGStep 1Once you have this image, we can start off with the patching. Go to and choose on this option:Step 2On this page, you may upload your logo in the last box of the first row (indicated by the thick red box), and any 360 photo you have taken in the second row (indicated by the thick red box). The 360 photo uploaded here is merely a reference on this site.Step 3Once you have uploaded both images, you will be able to see the simulation like the image below. The logo image at default of 50%, we find it to be too big. For most small footprint monopods, 20% is a good size while 35% is good for tripods. Adjust the size by typing into the box indicated by the thick red outline.Step 4Once you are satisfied with the size, click on Create. In the box where it says Equirectangular projection, click on Download to save the generated file.Step 5Next, we are ready to patch all our images using our newly generated patch. Open the PhotoScape X photo editor, and click on Batch in the top menu.Step 6Drag and drop your photos from your folder into the empty space in the center of the application.Step 7All your added images will be shown at the top row. On the right column, click on Insert, followed by the + icon on the first row. This is ‘pre-recording’ the actions that will be performed for all images you have added now, and for new images you will add later even after you have switched off your computer. Everytime you open PhotoScape X from now on, you don’t have to repeat this process anymore.Step 8Click on Image when the dropdown menu appears. Choose the patch we have downloaded from earlier in Step 4.Step 9Now the patch have been laid on top of our 360 image, at the top right and bottom left of the layer, hold Shift on your keyboard, click and drag it until the top and bottom edges snaps to the edge of the 360 photo.Step 10Now that the patch is nicely positioned right at the bottom, at the bottom right of PhotoScape X, click on Save.Step 11The Save dialog box will appear, make sure your JPEG Quality is at 100, and click on OK. You may also choose your save locations anywhere you like.Now, you may proceed to create your Panotours on Panopedia now! Do remember that, the next time you Open PhotoScape X, you may simply skip steps 7 to 10 as it will have already been recorded.

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Panoleh is now known as Panopedia

Why the change?Panoleh has been around for almost 3 years. Yes, it is that long! With your help and support, we have now expanded to markets beyond our shores of Singapore.To further facilitate our brand, and to expand your reach even further, we have decided to rename ourselves to Panopedia.Why Panopedia, you might ask. All thanks to you, we are the fastest growing and now one of the largest database of 360 Virtual Tours in the world! Of course, with such a large database at our disposal, we will be launching new features and even a new Panotour Builder that will help you showcase your portfolio better. After all, our vision has always been to expand your reach beyond our shores.What are the changes?Besides the change of the logo throughout the entire site, you will notice that the logos on emails such as this, are changed as well. Please also note that emails from us will now be from instead of However, should you receive any email from, do contact your friendly account manager for verification, or you may just reply this message.URLs will also be changed from to However, this URL change will not affect your embedded Panotours, as the domain name still and always belong to us.Our social media pages will be merged soon, but I will send you an update once that happens.How will this affect me?The rebranding exercise was intended to be minimally disruptive, and hence your Panotours and subscriptions will not be affected in any way. However, should you encounter any errors arising, or any issues whatsoever, please inform your friendly account manager for rectification.Take notePanoleh and Panopedia are brand names wholly owned by Clover & Dime Pte Ltd., Singapore. Any and all related domains from other countries, are owned by Clover & Dime Pte Ltd, but may be under the management of our subsidiary offices in the relevant country.For verification, please contact us should you have any doubts.

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5 Reasons why home buyers prefer 360 tours

Looking for a suitable home to lease or buy can be daunting and time-consuming, more so if the decision makers are more than one. You could be speaking to more than one real estate agent or agencies and spending more time than you feel necessary accompanying them on tours of homes available. Home buying is, without a doubt, an extremely important decision and an important milestone for every Singaporean or foreigner.The alternative is to opt for an agency that could show you photographs or videos of homes that you may like to lease or buy. These are agencies that do not use 360 tours and hence are unable to provide the deeper details. Did you know it is far easier to look at multiple homes, in greater detail, without moving an inch or wasting time to make a better-informed decision? This is one of the primary reasons why many home buyers prefer to engage real estate agents who use 360 tours as a preferred listing tool while choosing a home.1. The authenticity of listing: All listings using 360 tours produced by a real estate agent are most likely to be genuine and listed in the market. “Dummy” advertisements are definitely one of the main frustrations of home seekers. Using 360 tours listing, you will only find homes that are available at the time of checking.2. More interactive and captivating: While choosing a home, it is obvious that you would want to check out every nook and corner. A 360 tours listing showcases 3D views of homes that cover every corner with an option to turn the views and angles to get a better glimpse. Added to this interactive feature, you will find every detail captured in full detail making the entire experience captivating.3. More informative and transparent: All available information on a home is captured with 360 tours on an as-is-where-is scenario and is displayed as such. This ensures that you do not miss any detail, good or bad and makes the entire process transparent. 360 tours is an unbiased presentation tool that focuses on showing you a home as it is and is not in a “sell” mode by harping on the positives or ignoring the negatives.4. Easily accessible: Using 360 tours, you can access any available home thus saving your time and energy to focus on properties that are located in areas of your choosing, you can do this in the company of your real estate agents or right from the comfort of your bedroom.5. Saves time and improves the shortlisting process: Once you have the option of touring all properties in detail from the comfort of your present home/ office, along with all stakeholders or family, the next step is to shortlist the properties you are interested in before you make a decision. Choosing the right property becomes that much more transparent and faster with 360 tour listings.Taking into account the advantages of saving time, energy and resources in the process of buying or leasing a home, 360 tours goes a long way in helping you with detailed, transparent and high-quality tours of homes available in your area of choosing. It is no surprise then; most home buyers prefer using 360 tours. If you are looking forward to buying or leasing a home, now or in the near future, you should talk to real estate professionals who use 360 tours to showcase their listings.

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5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Use 360 Tours

Ever heard of virtual reality? For a real estate agent, virtual reality could be a boon if he or she can showcase a property or a bunch of properties without moving an inch. Taking a client around to find a commercial or residential property that suits his/her taste and budget is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of leg work, time, money and energy to find the piece of property that the client has in mind. As a real estate agent, taking the customer or client on a 3D virtual reality tour instead of a physical one is much easier and has its own merits. 360 tours offers cutting-edge services in this realm and is a boon for real estate agents like you.  1. Saves time: As a real estate agent, your time is very valuable to you and we understand that a property cannot be sold or leased by showing it to a single customer. It could take ten or even twenty customers or clients before you can nail the deal. So, time is of the essence and 360 tours will help you save time by capturing and rendering each and every aspect of the property in the discussion at any time. 2. Increases productivity: It could take weeks or even months before a property could be sold or leased and as a real estate agent, you will not be focusing on a single property. With 360 tours, you can show all available or chosen properties to your customers or clients at one go. Instead of running around, you can now focus on your core competency of finding more clients which translates to increased productivity.3. Wow factor/lasting impression: In this era of gadgets, technology and the internet, what impresses a client most? Leveraging technology to save their time and money can be a great factor in influencing their decision. The wow factor that 360 tours offers you as a real estate agent is simply wonderful. In fact, a client will bring in more clients owing to this lasting impression you have created.4. 24 Hr open house: In the real world, as a real estate agent, you are a slave to the client’s calendar and will need to make adjustments to accommodate their free time. Instead, if you have an opportunity to showcase all properties at anytime and anywhere, would that be beneficial? Yes, it will save time and resources for you as well as the client. In fact, you could be showcasing a property in Singapore to a prospect while on a holiday in Bangkok.5. Generate more quality leads: What is a quality lead? For you as a real estate agent, a quality lead is a lead with a requirement for a leased or owned property and has a budget ready. While using 360 tours, saving money and resources for both parties, who do you think an existing customer will recommend? Another client who is ready to buy or lease! That is a quality lead. So by using 360 tours, you will be generating leads that qualify to buy and will not be wasting time with clients who want to visit properties for the heck of it because you are not taking them anywhere.

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